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First of all we wish you a very joyful and cheerful new year 2017. We all aware about the selfie, it has become a trend now because every party event uncompleted without Happy New Year 2017 Selfie these days selfie plays the important role at any place, All the younger and elder crazy about selfie. The selfie captured the real emotion and expression. The word selfie got immense notoriety after cell phones took off to the hands of normal individuals. A selfie can be portrayed as a self taken photograph which contains the substance of the individual who takes it. The Great part of selfie picture is taken utilizing cell phones and afterward utilizing computerized cameras. The majority of a group using smart phones may have tried a selfie picture at least once. Is there anyone hating selfie pictures maybe not. Today we are going to deal with the some selfie related contents. I know you are quite good with taking selfies. But without a better caption or a wonderful quote, selfies are the meaningless. When you click a selfie you can try these pictures to put it on Whatsapp or Facebook.
A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, naturally taken with a digital camera and mobiles held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick. Selfies are frequently shared on social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Twitter and other social networking sites. They are usually flattering and made to appear informal. Most selfies are taken with a camera held at arm's extent or pointed at a mirror, slightly than by using a self-timer. Selfie stick can be used to place the camera farther away from the subject, allowing the camera to see more around them.
New Year Selfie 2017

It was Jim Krause a picture taken in 2005, which had acquainted the word selfie with the world. Before 2005, there were likewise self taken pictures on the web, for the most part on Myspace whatsapp Facebook were not famous at that time. But rather around then, it was not named as selfie. According to the figures gathered from Wikipedia, Flickr clients in 2009 utilized the expression "selfie" for self taken pictures posted by young people and from that time, the expression "selfie" get that much fame on the Internet.
It's nearly as though from side to side the way of life of selfies we have all ended up Narcissus, leaning back from the water's edge, pulling diverse stances and looking at our own particular reflection; yet we require individuals to come up from behind us and gaze at our appearance as well - we are not content with simply seeing ourselves, we need to see others taking a gander at us while we endeavor to shape their observation. This is a profoundly human desire, and it is not really new. However the extent of photography, and particularly online networking and the advanced picture, imply we have an uncommon capacity to do this, to make visual montages that record our presence, with us at the focal point of it. What my sentiments truly are in regards to selfies stays vague, yet all of a sudden a world without them appears to be difficult to visualize.
Happy New Year Selfie

Tips for taking Best Selfie:

Taking a fabulous selfie is an art. Besides, the number of selfies to post and which selfies to use on what online networking stage is a much higher type of craftsmanship. Since selfies can trouble to others, they can paint you as an egomaniac and they can complete put individuals off.

Never forget to Filter

Embrace Instagram in all its beauty. Filter your edge of your best angle and dilute those under the eye bags with the click of a button.

Get your Best Angle

Don't be scared to play around until you get your best side. The selfie is about spectacular what you have, so only draw attention to what you want the world to see.

Hash tag (#)

Gets your Twitter following up with a hashtag? Don't be afraid to make up your own, or take over a popular one. #Filter #Natural #selfie.

Use Good Lights

There's nothing worse than a photograph taken with a built-in flash, except maybe for a selfie taken with a built-in flash. Instead, use natural light. Standing next to a window will give you selfie a soft, natural look. It will also help get rid of dark shadows, particularly the ones under your eyes that will tell all your Facebook or whatsapp friends that you are a person who likes to stay out way too late.
2017 Happy New Year Selfie

Don’t Overdo It

You should take a group of selfies, because that's the best way to ensure you end up with a superior one. But you should only post a few of the selfies you take. There's nothing like a Facebook who posts a new selfie in every day. Keeps your selfie posting to a minimum; otherwise your friends will start to think you're a kind of a sociopath? On this Happy New year 2017 click your best selfie with your friends, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, family members, Father, Mother, kids and celebrate this New Year by posting your group selfie on facebook whatsapp and other social networking sites wish your nearest and dear happy new year show them how you celebrate new year with your friends and your loved once. The selfie stick trends have broadly famous even actors of Hollywood and Bollywood clicks their selfie when they have meet any party and any event and posted them selfie on their social pages for their fans. Many of celebs posted their selfie video and selfie images to wish their fans on Happy New Year.
Happy New Year 2017 Selfie

Happy New Year 2017 Selfie with Friends

“New Year is not only about changing the dates but the whole direction. May the year be filled with cheer and gaiety?”
“May the bad times bring in the ray of hope this New Year?”
“Let us hail the New Year and embrace another chance to happiness.”
“May the New Year bring in new hopes, newer resolutions and new happiness?”
“As the year ends, may all pessimism and difficulties end too; may the New Year usher in only all that are positive.”
“May each day of the New Year bring you lovely surprises like the curled petals of a flower that spread sweet fragrance slowly as it unfolds layer by layer.”
“May the New Year bring your way plethora of opportunities that allow you to weave success stories?”
“As the world grows another year older I wish you to have a heart that remains youthful and cheerful New Year and always.”
Happy New Year 2017 Selfie with Friend

Happy New Year 2017 Selfie with Mother Father

“New Year may you expel all your fears, doubts and worries as you make room for dreams, aspirations and joys.”
“As this year is stuffing its bag, I wish for you that all the pessimism and troubles also do likewise, and the New Year bring success and coveted results for you.”
“Every New Year we dream of a better world for us and ours. This Year let us take up the responsibility to make the world a better place for you, me and everyone else.”
“This New Year may you have the power to rewrite the story of your life the way you want it to be.”
“This New Year never let sadness and disappointment cloud your clarity and positivity, for it is the latter virtues that would help to bring in sunshine to your life. “
“Remember that no New Year can be perfect. But you need to ignore the negative and embrace the positive.”
“This New Year may you dive into your soul and form an everlasting friendship with yourself.”
“May each day of the New Year be special with you bounded by those who care?”

Happy New Year 2017 Selfie with Kids

“May your New Year be as bright as the sunshine and as fragrant as the flowers?”
“May all your dreams from the last year turn into achievements throughout this New Year?”
“May you get succeed in the year 2017 and achieve all your goals you have set.”
“Happy New Year arrives with hopes and it gives us new courage and belief for a very new start. Wish you a very Happy New Year.“
“May god bless you with a loving soul this New Year eve, May every eve kisses her Adam, and every Adam meets his eve.”
“Cut it loose and let 2016 go. Get Hold of 2017 and just play along, Happy New Year.”
“Find out new joys, embark on new journeys and give more meaning to your life in 2017, Happy New Year 2017.”
“Be happy and extend happiness and good cheer to all throughout the year.”
2017 New Year Selfie

Happy New Year 2017 Selfie

“It’s time to unfold new pages and start a new chapter in your life because it’s a New Year.”
“Each age has deemed the new natural year the fittest time for festal cheer.”
“May the coming year bless you with life’s every wealth.”
“Hello! I am bowled over by your presence, need it next year too. Happy New Year! “
“As the New Year dawns may all darkness remove from your life and fill it up with bright hues instead.”
“Wish you all a very happy and fun filled New Year, expect there is no end to the world, there is motionless lot to be seen.”
“You are an expert when it comes to my life. Be with me forever. Happy New Year! “
“The sun has set on a whole year but it is about to rise on a brand new one, Happy New Year!”


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